What you need to know before choosing an AdWords consultant

The intervention of a qualified AdWords consultant is essential for your site to have optimal visibility. Even if it is possible to reference your website with some basic means, attaining the best positioning is not easy for a lambda person. That’s why a Google certified expert is indispensable. Before knowing how to choose it, let’s first analyse the principle of a well optimized Google AdWords campaign.

Indeed, a campaign Googles well led AdWords increases your popularity on search engines, your sales and return on investment (ROI).

Also called Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or paying referencing, this tool is complementary in Search Engine Optimisation SEO. They have both a common purpose: post your site on the 1st page. On the other hand, contrary to the SEO (optimization of the keywords to improve the positioning of the Web site), the SEA is an advertising space buying; it is more adequate for commercial purposes.

A campaign Googles well optimized AdWords will direct easily the Internet users to the products which you propose. Whether it is in the form of textual announcements, banners pubs (ads,advertising) or video announcements, the program must be roamed well. It is this well thought strategy which will increase your rate of visit, besides, your rate of conversion.

On the other hand, if the campaign is badly made, your ROI will suffer from it. That’s why, it is not an optional solution to request a specialist certified by Google. If it is true that this professional has to master the referencing and have a strong experience in the e-marketing, several additional points are to be considered to choose the voucher.

How does consultant AdWords operate?

Possessing AdWords, Bing Ads and Google Partner certifications, the AdWords consultant will offer you the most effective techniques to make your advertising campaign a success. From audit to campaign creation, monitoring and analysis of results, this will be your only contact.

It also ensures the full management of optimized links. In the form of text, image or video, these advertisements contribute strongly to the proper positioning of your site.

Consultant AdWords works on 3 fundamental points to optimize your positioning on the net.

A quality web marketing strategy

To define an appropriate strategy, the Google Certified Expert will analyse your objective and think about the best ways to achieve it. Indeed. the objective will be achieved if you offer the customer a consistent offer to what he is looking for. To do this, it is imperative to work on optimizing the marketing mix.

What is Marketing Mix?

Consisting of 4 variables: the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), these are the tools the company has to achieve its objectives in the target market, according to Philip Kotler, professor of American marketing strategy.


  • Quality
  • Characteristics and Options
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Sizes
  • Packaging
  • After-sales service
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Conditions of payment
  • Credit terms and conditions
  • Distribution channels
  • Points of sale
  • Warehouses and storage
  • Method of delivery
  • Technique of sale


  • Advertisement
  • Promotion of sales
  • Force of sale
  • Direct Marketing
  • Public Relations



These variables will be estimated according to the predefined objectives: mass sale, specialized market or sale of specific values.

Once again, the good ways are essential to reach your goals. If you wish to sell your values, for example, choose a graphic model adapted to what you wish to put forward; use the adequate media: banner, video, sponsored articles.

As a matter of fact, to make a success of your marketing strategy, you have to have the good average human beings: consultant, Web agency, graphic designer … You also have to detain the good tools, in particular the statistical tools to follow and analyse regularly the Web traffic.

Optimization of the internet traffic

Did you know that of the traffic increase considerably your rate of conversion? Yes, but not any traffic: we speak here about quality traffic. If to generate of the traffic is not wizard, to obtain from the quality traffic require the expertise of a professional consultant.

Indeed, a qualified internet traffic is reached when the visitor is interested in what you propose. He can be spotted if there is a low rebound rate on your site; the Internet user stays longer on the Web site and often means visiting it.

The traffic will be qualified if you have the good techniques:

  • Optimization SEO and choice of the good keywords
  • Development of customer loyalty of your titles in the contents
  • Fluid and very readable contents
  • Strategy netlinking : optimize the various types of links
  • Design of an ergonomic site
  • Marketing campaign viral

To follow your traffic, the consultant AdWords uses several methods: audit SEO, use of Google Analytics (to measure the audience of the site), analyses some behaviour of the Internet user and him ratio of the percentage visit/figure of affair.

A successful method of referencing

You will have understood him, the expert AdWords has more than one string to his/her bow, in particular a robust knowledge regarding referencing. He masters perfectly the marketing search (SEM) which groups Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

This professional possesses a real know-how and unequalled skills in the sourcing and the optimization (positioning) of the keywords. To identify a real professional of a cheat, it is very simple! Begin by taking reference on its own site (verify if he is positioned well) and also consult the sites which he has already referenced.

You know now the criteria required to identify a SEO expert, besides, a consultant AdWords.

Real consulting AdWords is all the time up to date on the evolutions of the rules of positioning. His leading part is to propose you concrete solutions so that you won in long-term visibility.