An online presence is not enough to reach your target, you must first of all be visible. For all your web projects, it is necessary to design an audit for an optimized website.

Perform a technical audit

A technical audit facilitates the identification of the failures you face or allows you to assess the different hazards that can be avoided. A specification can be drawn up and given to the developer to detail the implementation of the website.

It will include several key aspects that cover positioning on search engines as well as the website design. Our team is immersed in the evolution of the digital world and will be able to allow you to make the best choices:

  • Organization and structure of the site
  • Loading speed
  • Performance of the site
  • Related page optimization
  • Internet links and urls
  • Error pages and problem detection under Google Webmastertool

A technical audit is essential to analyse the brakes to the SEO of your website. For new web projects, audit is a solution for the development and structure of the site.

Conduct an editorial audit

The editorial audit can be done in continuity of the technical audit, it provides an overview of the web content and aims to improve the structure of the web pages. These two elements constitute the very potential of the site. Through the editorial audit, we accompany you in the analysis of your content:

  • Search Engine Keyword Analysis and Strategy
  • Optimized content: Title, meta-description, tag H1 and H2, title and alternative text of images
  • Duplicate or redundant content
  • Quality of the content