The evolution of modern technologies prompts companies and brands to constantly update their marketing strategy. In the past, the role of the various media is essentially limited to the presentation, promotion and sale of products of a brand, but it is now time to understand them in a whole new way.

Today, a good marketing strategy is no longer just about going to the customer to convince them to buy. Thanks to Inbound Marketing, the opposite can also happen, provided the method is used properly.

Inbound Marketing: What is it?

Inbound Marketing is a brand-new vocabulary that has recently emerged in the marketing world. Literally translated as “incoming marketing”, it is a strategy to bring the consumer to your brand through digital marketing levers such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, blog articles or video and image publications. Unlike the Outbound Marketing (traditional marketing) which involves catching customers in order to convince them to buy, Inbound Marketing is a method of seduction that aims to push the consumer to buy, without forcing them to do so.

It is therefore a marketing strategy based on personalized services, responding directly to the expectations of target consumers. A simple process that involves attracting customers, converting them into buyers, engaging them in your brand to become true ambassadors.

How it works ?

  • Boosting the traffic of your site

A good SEO is always the basis for a successful marketing strategy. And to make sure you generate the most quality traffic on your site, there is no better than producing quality content.

Attractive titles, informative content and sufficiently documented to allow Internet users to quickly find an answer to their question. The more you opt for originality, the more you will attract the attention of Internet users and the prouder they will be to share your content throughout the web. Add to this personalized images or videos, a legend keeps an eye on you and you will get your brand out of the lot. Innovation is needed to convince consumers to follow you and buy at home. And with this in mind, all tools are good: eBook, white papers, webinar, etc.

  • Convert your prospects into customers

Converting the user to a unique experience while visiting your site is the best way to convert it into a potential customer. It has a name: lead Nurturing. In terms of Inbound Marketing, it is a matter of accompanying the user throughout his journey until he ends up buying.

  • First, by providing specific answers to his or her questions or specific solutions to his or her problems.
  • Then by inviting them to contact you directly for more precise information about their search.
  • Finally, by offering the products or services of your brand that meets its expectations. A demo video, explanation images, a tutorial, a simulation can help you at this stage to convince the consumer to buy from you.

Put the customer in confidence to sell better

In a strategy of Inbound Marketing, it is essential to establish a relationship of trust with the clientele to obtain an optimal result of the operation. It means at first that you understand the needs for your consumers in every detail and arrange services or products which can answer directly their expectations. As soon as your target will feel comfortable, he will not hesitate to come towards you and thus to buy your products or to sign your services. It is there that it is necessary to pay attention not to overvalue your strengths at the risk of becoming a quack and deceiving your customers. It also involves that you meet your commitments whether it is in valuable terms, quality, delivery deadline, after-sales service. Also, in your transactional steps, everything has to seem perfect in the eyes of your consumers to allow him to evolve in a reliable world.

Develop loyalty of your customers

The main purpose of Inbound Marketing is not to return a big flow of traffic on your site, but especially to develop a faithful clientele. It is a question at the same time of conquering new prospects but also of developing loyalty of the already acquired customers. In the e-commerce, word of mouth remains a functional and effective marketing strategy. Your most faithful customers can indeed become your main leading ambassadors, those who are going to share your publications, to speak about you in their entourage, and at the same time to return you of new customers. Inbound Marketing rests so also on the construction of a sustainable relation between your company and your customers. It can materialize by the implementation of a community within which you will testify of your gratitude to them, will invite them to share strong moments by means of quizzes, workshop, exit, etc. You can also do a little investigating or make interviews to integrate your consumers into your marketing process.

Be patient

As in any marketing strategy, the debuts of your cruise on the seas of Inbound Marketing can be gloomy even catastrophic. But you have to stay patient coach generally the first fruits clock their nose at the end of 6 in 9 months of hard work. The most important, it is to continue always your path even if times are hard and the more and more rough competitors.

What are the advantages of Inbound Marketing?

Several reasons urge the current professionals of the Web marketing to adopt Inbound Marketing.

  • It is the method which allows you to develop a community on the social networks to promote your brand. An opportunity to be seized to express you freely and reach a more important audience.
  • This marketing technique allows your commercial to obtain quality prospects.
  • Thanks to the interaction created with the Internet users, you will set up a relationship of trust with your customers. You will widen your prospects’ horizon and especially you will make big economies of time and money.
  • In brief, Inbound Marketing is simply the new marketing strategy to adopt for booster your visibility on the Internet, to find new customers and to develop loyalty of the customers already acquired in a natural way.

Automation Marketing is a term commonly used by most marketing companies. What exactly is it? And how do you apply it on a daily basis to get the best benefits? Overview of the key to know about automation marketing.

Marketing Automation Definition

The Marketing automation is a marketing strategy based on the use of a software allowing to automate all the marketing measures of a company. It is the very effective marketing solution which avoids to the marketers to repeat the same action repeatedly. It concerns for example the sending of e-mails or still the daily publication on the social networks.

The use of a software of Marketing automation so allows to concentrate the intervention of the marketer on the heart of the activity of the company, instead of scattering its time in repetitive marketing measures. Nevertheless, such a software is not capable of carrying out all the work of marketing of a company. It helps only to make time-savings in terms of marketing content publication or still generation of quality contacts. It is in a way the help tool which allows the marketer to be more effective in its work.

Naturally, the Marketing automation does not allow to return of the traffic qualified on the site of a company. It just optimizes the work of the marketer by facilitating the sending of personalized and targeted emails.

Optimize Automation Marketing to boost your sales

Far from being a miracle cure to boost your online sales, Automation Marketing is a tool to optimize your marketing strategy. At the base, it is always necessary to put in place effective marketing actions to generate prospects that the automation marketing actions will then manage. In other words, without a good strategy base from Inbound Marketing, using Automation Marketing software will not do you much good. You will first need to generate qualified traffic on your site, convert them into contacts then into customers that the Automation Marketing will then optimize to boost your sales.

An example to understand better

The Marketing automation concentrates on your prospects during all the process of purchase, kind to encourage them to go up to the end of their action(share) by sending them personalized and targeted messages directly meeting their needs. The workflow of marketing automation looks like in a way what follows.

  • At first, you send an invitation by e-mail to all your contacts targeted to invite them to download your last e-book.
  • Then, you send an e-mail of thanking to all those who actually downloaded the offer.
  • At the end of a few days, send again an email of follow-up in the same people who downloaded your e-book to propose them a case study bound to the same subject.
  • Finally, the one who will have downloaded this case study will be redirected worm your commercial for a more personalized follow-up because it is the best qualified to become a potential future buyer.

In brief, the Marketing automation is a technique which allows you to weave a relationship of trust with your prospects, of kind to incite them more to make purchases at your home. It is thus about a not insignificant marketing technique allowing of booster your sales and to increase your sales.