With the emergence of social networks, everything has passed in the era of 2.0 Today, companies have powerful and relevant tools to reach their customers.

Our expert team is very familiar with these tools: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Community Management is based on the animation and unification of a community around the same subject, whether it be a cause, a personality, a brand or a company.

Community management is part of the digital communication strategy as an important issue in the online reputation of companies, but also in the management of their customer relationship. Community management has many advantages for a company that wants to increase its awareness online, promote a service or a product, build or strengthen its image etc.

Effective community-centred strategy requires first identifying the target and determining which messages will be disseminated to that target. Once these two main objectives are clearly established, the strategy can be planned and an action plan organized.

The goal of community management is not to bring together as many followers or fans as possible, but rather to have a reactive and qualified community.

The use of social networks is not innocuous and perhaps fruitful if a strategy is carried out properly. In fact, the implementation of advertising campaigns and the animation of a community requires web marketing skills.