A web user takes less than 10 seconds to judge if a website is interesting. It only takes a look at the entire entry page to determine if the site is relevant and well structured. Very precious seconds that should make visitors want to stay on the site.

To maximize the duration of a visit to a website, the design and ergonomics of the site must be effective.


  • When a visitor reaches a web site, he wishes to have access to the information quickly. So, Web design of an effective website aims to be to be perfectly organized and to effective.
  • The structure and the layout of the information must be efficient and usable.

These two aspects are important for the satisfaction and the comfort of an Internet user during its browsing. The success of a Web ergonomics can confront by the rate of conversion and the rebound rate.

The optimization of the design of a web site bases on two determining criteria:

  • A decisive user experiences

The experience of the Internet user on a web site must be pleasant. To respect the habits of the user it also is to make sure that his browsing will meet no difficulty. Our team will have for main mission to study your target, to analyse its behaviour and its practices in front of a digital environment. This crucial stage will allow to improve the global structure of the Web site, so that the information looked for by the Internet user is easily accessible. A concise, clear and interactive Web site is the promise of a successful user experience.

  • An adaptive Website

The access to a web site is possible from now on since several media. A well thought Web design must be necessarily directed to an adaptive site or ” responsive “. A responsive website adapts itself according to the sizes and the formats of screens, so offering a reading and an optimal browsing to the Internet user, it no matter the terminal of connection.

The adaptability of your site establishes a major improvement in the ergonomics of the site and also plays a role in the natural referencing on Google.