Web marketing is a succession of commercial operations and marketing deployed in a digital environment.

Although digital communication is based on strategies already used in traditional marketing, there are also specific practices such as strategic webmarketing (strategic monitoring, positioning of the website, etc.), traffic creation (online advertising, SEO, games, etc.), performance analysis (statistics, sales, traffic, etc.) and loyalty (community animation, website content).

The most easily identifiable specific web techniques are:

  • The Search engine optimization

Also called SEO, it is the set of techniques that allows the positioning of a website or its internal pages, among the first results of a search made through the search engines. The first page of the search collects a click rate of almost 92%, a successful natural SEO is effective thanks to a good «Ranking». A good SEO can therefore generate traffic in order to meet marketing or commercial objectives.

référencement site internet
  • The sponsored advertising

These are the links that appear among the search results in a search engine (Bing Ads or Google Adwords). This involves selling advertising space on the Internet, based on an auction system that will define the position of the advertisement. These links once appeared to the right, today premium links are located at the beginning of natural results.

  • The emailing

The main objective of an email is the order, purchase or simply the simple action of an Internet user depending on the content of the email. Emailing has adapted to Web 2.0 in order to conquer or retain consumers.

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  • The affiliation/sponsorship

It is the promotion of products or services on a merchant site through banners or links on a merchant site. Affiliated members are paid by receiving commissions on sales, contacts or visits.

  • The social networks

One of the best web marketing tools that strengthens word of mouth, but also promotes services or products. You can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for example. Social networks are now a determining factor in the purchasing process, as they are consulted by consumers regularly to obtain opinions and comments.

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Web marketing is not only profitable for big companies or big brands. A lot of small businesses and associations use these tools. All you have to do is use them wisely and adapt the strategy and the offer according to the target and its needs.

The web has several advantages that are not insignificant:

  • Online advertising campaigns are significantly cheaper than traditional media campaigns
  • Internet is both sales channel and broadcast medium, customer conversion is immediate.
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) allows us to more accurately measure the impact of online operations with statistics.
  • It is easier to set up a business via the internet thanks to the reduction of fees at the entrance.